Our Company Yu Shi Shao La is established by our Managing Director, Mr Jee Meng Hwee in the early 1980s.  Today, with more than 30 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, we are committed to bring to our customers from all walks of life, quality, reliable and tasty roasted meat products. All ingredients from our products are chosen, checked and prepared by our staff carefully everyday to ensure that we bring only the best to our customers.  We provide Roast Meat products for all occasions such as wedding, birthday parties, Chinese traditional festive and many more.  Corporate partners are welcome too.

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Our Managing Director Mr Jee Meng Hwee, started mastering the skill of roasting at the early age of 20.  After acquiring the skill, he set up his first stall at Ang Mo Kio to start selling his own Roasted Meat products.

30 years on, he currently has a production to manufacture for both his retail and corporate customers.

Although Mr Jee has mastered the skill, he continued to look for ways to improve his products through the years so that he can serve the best tasting products to his customers.

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