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Chilled Crabs
Chilled Crabs 冷蟹

These juicy Chilled Crabs are chilled in our chiller for at least a day after being boiled together with pandan leaves and other spices. Comes in small size (minimum 3 pcs) or large size (minimum 2 pcs). Required to order 5 days in advance.

用香兰叶和其他香料一起煮。这些螃蟹熟了之后,会放在冷藏室至少一天,让螃蟹保留着那多汁与鲜甜的肉质。 最少的订单,小螃蟹为3只,大螃蟹为2只。需要提前5天预订。

Fried Fish
Fried Fish 炸鱼

Fried nicely to light brown colour with our selected spices to bring you the great tasting fish meat from the ocean.

用所准备好的香料,将新鲜的鱼油炸到浅棕褐色, 为你带来海洋一般的味道。

Fried Prawns
Fried Prawns 炸虾

Fresh Prawns from the sea, deep-fried and season with salt and pepper for a savoury taste.  Minimum order of 1 kg (before frying). Pre-order 3 days in advance is required.

来自深海的鲜虾,油炸后,用盐和胡椒粉调味。 最少订单为一公斤(未炸)。 需要提前三天预订。